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Powering the next generation of wellness workers

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Start your practice seamlessly and joyfully, using our AI-backed interface that turns the struggle of building your website and integrations into a game-like delight. Use Modality to remove barriers from connecting with care-seeker.

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How we empower you as mental health paraprofessional.

Guided and Onboarding

One-One Guided

Payments and Scheduling

Automatic and Flexible
Payments and Scheduling


Technical and Clinical

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Find people who get it

We get it. The mental health ecosystem is scary. We have a connected network of healthcare professionals, organizations, care-seekers, and institutions in your corner. Mission-aligned and impact focused.

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Got questions about whether Modality is for you? Curious how to decide on your services or pricing? Book a free session with Modality founder Laura to talk it out.

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